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Gripsors scissors have fine grooves that grip
Gripsors Gripping Bandage Scissors have an important new feature: fine grooves between the handles that allow you to grip in order to twist, insert, or extract. Health care professionals can now open pill packages without damaging the pills, twist open IV and G tubing, and easily manipulate oxygen connections. Our THREE newest models feature a HOOK that serves as an oxygen key and can be used to slip metal rings from saline style vials while retaining our signature grooves and the ability to cut.

Why Gripsors Scissors

Gripsors Gripping Scissors

Gripsors are gripping, bandage scissors that are a must for medical practitioners as they perform multiple functions. This innovative patent-pending product has been well received by the medical community as it solves problems with tubing and makes fluid replacement smooth and easy. Many people who have purchased the scissors comment they believe that these will replace bandage scissors currently on the market.

What Customers Say About Gripsors

Clients and Comments
Health care professionals in numerous states have already reported phenomenal positive results using these revolutionary scissors. We provide Gripsors bandage scissors to health care professionals in every field and we are proud to provide our products to military medical professionals as well. They have been successfully field tested by the military. Military users may order select models using standard milstrip requisitioning procedures.

Available in 5 sizes and 3 styles:

3.5 inch scissors

Small Gripsors scissors are great for neo-natal use, small pockets, pediatrics or small applications such as ports. Some nurses report these are light enough to cling to magnetic name badges for even more convenient access.

5.5 inch scissors

5.5 inch scissors with HOOK

#1 requested size for nurses. Standard size Gripsors are great for multipurpose use in the medical field. Great for respiratory therapists and even veterinarians!

The new HOOK feature was requested by operating room nurses for opening saline style vials. The hook also serves as an oxygen key. They are already very popular with users.

7.25 inch scissors

These larger sized Gripsors scissors are great for orthopedic use. Also great for people with larger hands as well as working with larger bandages.

8 inch scissors with HOOK

BRAND NEW! New 8-inch size Gripsors with larger finger loops and HOOK feature have finally arrived. More comfort and control in heavier applications. These high quality gripping scissors will please you.

8.5 inch scissors with HOOK

JUST IN! Our newest model of Gripsors created for special uses, heavy duty, extra long cutting blades. Large finger loops for greater comfort and control. These scissors feature the HOOK included on two other models. Select the size that fits your needs best.

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